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Full Wedding Planning Services

 Is Full Wedding Planning Right For Your Las Vegas Wedding Goals?

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The Full Planning package is an all-encompassing service that covers every wedding detail imaginable. If you are searching for a wedding planner to find you a breathtaking venue, vendors who pair well with your taste and vision, and flesh out your concepts for the ceremony and reception design, this is the package for you.

It brings your Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube feeds alive and eliminates the stress and overwhelm couples often experience during their wedding planning and coordinating.

A Customized Wedding Planning Service

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Venue Viewing and Procurement

The process starts with a consultation to discuss your style, visions, wants, areas of concern, and more to set the stage for your big day. These details allow us to work on your behalf to scout venues that check all the boxes on your list.

Depending on your availability, we can tour the space and include you both via a virtual walkthrough showing, or we can set up multiple in-person venue tours to view the possibilities from your custom line-up.

Either way, all of your logistics, catering, decor, and rental questions will get brought up during the tours, ideas will get tossed around, and pictures are taken.

What is included in your full wedding planning package?

The Average Couple Spends 300 Hours Planning Their Wedding.

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Pre-Wedding Planning

Our full wedding planning services eliminate that time consumption.


Unlimited Email Communication

and Unlimited In-Person (Las Vegas only) and Virtual Meetings


Discuss Your Visions, Establish Your Theme, Venue & Ceremony Design Elements, and More


Budget Analysis to Provide Vendor Referrals That Best Align With Your Visions & Spend

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Enjoy Your Wedding Day.
Not Coordinate It.

"Spending time with each other" is the #1 reason couples seek help for their wedding day.

On Your
Wedding Day


Up to 10 Hours of Coverage


Myself and a Team of Up to Two to Provide On-site Coordination


Organize Family and the Wedding
Party for Processional Order

Take One More Wedding 
Research Item Off Your List.

RSVP to your free wedding
planning consultation

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